Recent News on The Farm

Welcome Back Students!!!!

Welcome to UIUC Class of 2020 and welcome back everyone else!

The Sustainable Student Farm is excited about this next school year. We are currently in full swing squarely in the middle of our big harvest season! We have been bringing batches of between 1000 lbs and 1500 lbs of tomatoes to Florida Avenue Residence Hall to be processed in the Dining Halls, along with a wide variety of other vegetables being brought to all the different Dining Halls to be made fresh for students every week! We have had a great crew of student workers this year and are very pleased to welcome Stefan Johnsrud to the crew as the assistant manager, who brings an amazing knowledge set to the farm.

If you are curious about the SSF there are a few ways you can interact with us!!!

Big Thanks and Farewell to Zack Grant!!!

This is a "News Item" that is well past due! It is time to give a big shout out and thank you to Mr. Zachary Grant who has been the fearless leader of the Sustainable Student Farm from it's conception in 2009 up until March of this year! All of Zack's work is the reason that the SSF exists today. Before he started the farm he was doing his masters work here at the U of I studying High Tunnel production and brought his extensive knowledge to the farm. He, with the help of many student workers built the 3 moveable high tunnels that we still use today. He also worked through the early lean years of the farm to give students an exciting experience and to grow and harvest quality produce for the Dining Services here on campus!!