Is the farm an organic farm?

  A: The farm is not technically a certified organic farm by the USDA standards.  However, the farm does utilize organic farming techniques such as: cover cropping rotations, compost utilization, and minimal off farm inputs. The little spraying we do is with bio-rational products that follow organic certification guidelines.

 Can I take produce home with me?

A: Yes, if you come volunteer on the farm during peak harvest days. Afterwards we usually have small amounts of culled produce and market grade produce available to take home in exchange for volunteering.

 Where is the farm?

A: The Sustainable Student Farm is located near the intersection of Lincoln and Windsor road.  Lincoln turns into a gravel road at that point.  You will see our sign on the fence, continue until you see the open gate on the left side of the gravel road.  There are also three plastic greenhouse type structures (high tunnels) that are a good indicator.

When can I visit or volunteer at the farm?

A: The farm gates are usually open from around 8am until noon, and then from around 1pm until 4pm Monday through Friday. Visit our Volunteering page for specific times, as well as for our big Weekend Workdays. You can also send us a message through the Contact page for more information about visits or volunteer opportunities.  

Can I buy produce grown on the farm?

A: Yes! We will be selling seasonal produce from May-November, Thursdays from 11:00am-5:00pm on the Anniversary Plaza behind the Illini Union. Tell your friends!