Farm Stand 5/22/14

Hello All! Tomorrow is our first farm stand of the season! We are changing things up a bit this year. The farm stand will only be open from 11am-3:30pm, then at some point this season when we get more produce, we will set up again at our office (Race and Windsor) to sell to the car commuting folks who might have a hard time making it to the quad. More details to come. As for this week you can expect:

Salad Greens (leaf only and mixture): $6-$6.50/lb
Small Head Lettuce: $1.50-$2/head
Spinach: $6/lb
Swiss Shard: $2.50/bu
Kale(multiple kinds): $2.50/bu
Radish: $2/bu
Bok Choy: $1-1.50 ea
Chives: $2/bu
Maybe Basil!: $2/bu
Maybe Parsley!: $2/bu
Scallions: $1.5/bu
Transplants: $4/4-pack

Looking Forward to It!


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