Farm Stand 6/5/14

Thursday is almost here! We have a little sale on HEAD LETTUCE this week. 2 for $3.50! Come by a couple. We will also have cilantro and dill this week too. Here is the weekly offering:

Leaf Lettuce Mix: $5.50/lb
Head Lettuce: $2/head or 2 for $3.50!
Spinach: $6/lb
Swiss Shard: $2.25/bu
Kale (multiple kinds): $2.25/bu
Radish(multiple kinds): $2/bu
Bok Choy: $1.50 ea
Chives: $1.5/bu
Dill: $1.50/bu
Basil: $2/bu
Parsley: $1.5/bu
Scallions: $1.5/bu
Kohlrabi!: $1.5/bu
Beets: $2.5/bu
Transplants: $4/4-pack or $1 each


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