Farm Stand 7/24/14 and 7/31/14

So if we have a handful of bunches of Basil this week, then it may be the last for a while. There is a new scourge in Illinois attacking Basil: Downy Mildew. Hopefully our new plantings will not develop the disease. Another reason why growing a diversity of crops still pays off in the end. Look at the list below! Also remember our "End of the Day Farm Stand" back at our Fruit Admin Building. South of the intersection of Race and Windsor. Look for our new signage directing you to the stand. We will be there from 4:15-6pm. There will not be as many items at the end of the day, but stop by on your way home from work! The list will be the same next week, as this will be my last update for a couple weeks. Happy Summer!

Sweet Corn: $0.5/ear or $5/doz
Lettuce Mix: $5/lb
Swiss Chard: $2.25/bu
Kale: $2.25/bu
Carrots $2.25/bu
Cabbage: $2/hd
Chinese Cabbage: $2/hd
Basil: $2/bu
Parsley: $1.5/bu
Scallions: $1.5/bu
Beets: $2/lb
Cherry/Artisan Tomatoes:$3/pint
Green Bell Peppers: $1/ea
Heirloom Tomatoes:$3.50/lb
Zucchini/Summer Squash:$2/lb
Onions (red, white, and yellow): $1.75/lb
Garlic: $7/lb
Shallots: $2/bu
Cut Flowers:$3.50/bu


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