Big Thanks and Farewell to Zack Grant!!!

This is a "News Item" that is well past due! It is time to give a big shout out and thank you to Mr. Zachary Grant who has been the fearless leader of the Sustainable Student Farm from it's conception in 2009 up until March of this year! All of Zack's work is the reason that the SSF exists today. Before he started the farm he was doing his masters work here at the U of I studying High Tunnel production and brought his extensive knowledge to the farm. He, with the help of many student workers built the 3 moveable high tunnels that we still use today. He also worked through the early lean years of the farm to give students an exciting experience and to grow and harvest quality produce for the Dining Services here on campus!!

Zack was skilled at keeping many balls in the air managing the farms production, workers as well as developing many collaborations with people and organizations across campus including working with Fresh Press to create paper out of our farm residues, a project with Engineering that converted our Allis Chalmers G tractor into an electric cultivating tractor and one of our most treasured tools on the farm. He also worked with the architecture department to build us a washing/packing station as well as a number of different market implements including our bike trailer farm stand. He also worked with a group of business students to begin our vermicomposting project.

After 5 years managing the farm Zack received a job offer to work up in Cook County with Illinois Extension and after much deliberation decided to take it and leave his baby (The SSF) behind. The farm will never be the same!

Thanks again buddy and be well up there!!


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