Recent News on The Farm

2nd Farm Stand Soft Start!

Tomorrow we will being a soft start with our 2nd farm stand location! In the future there will be a press release and more signage directing you to this location. Until then it is just south of the Windsor and Race intersection. 1st gravel road on your right. It is near the annual Forestry Club Christmas Tree Sale. We will stay open from about 4:15pm-6pm

Farm Stand 7/10/14

We have a few new things this week: Eggplant, artisan tomatoes, and garlic! Come out to the farm stand tomorrow on the quad! 11am-3:30pm!

Lettuce Mix: $5/lb
Swiss Chard: $2.25/bu
Kale: $2.25/bu
Carrots $2.25/bu
Cabbage: $2/hd
Chinese Cabbage: $2/hd
Fennel Bulbs: $1/ea
Basil: $2/bu
Parsley: $1.5/bu
Scallions: $1.5/bu
Kohlrabi: $0.75/ea
Beets: $2/lb
Green Bell Peppers: $1/ea
Heirloom Tomatoes:$3.50/lb
Zucchini/Summer Squash:$2/lb
Onions (red, white, and yellow): $1.75/lb
Garlic: $7/lb
Shallots: $2/bu
Cut Flowers:$3.50/bu